Protect Preserve Roofing

Who Is Protect Preserve?

Our History

Protect Preserve is a full-service roofing company with a goal to Protect your home or business – and to Preserve what’s inside.

We were started in 2019 under the leadership and vision of Edson Brito III, but our history goes back much, much further than that. Our founder Edson, has worked with many wonderful subcontractors including roofers, throughout the state of Florida, but also as far west as Texas and as far north as New Hampshire, wherever the storm took him.

Like all subcontractors, roofers come in all stripes. Some are great, some are competent, and some are neither of these things.

Storms Create a Demand for Good Roofers

When hurricanes and tropical storms come through Florida the roofs of the state take a hit and roofers become very busy. The same for the people all along the gulf coast and up the eastern seaboard. So much so that roofing companies pop up seeking to capitalize on the disaster, and roofers come from out of state to complement the local roofing crews to help get Florida’s homes covered again.

In these tough times, it’s great that so many people are wanting to help those hit by a disaster. But with all the good comes the bad. Not all of those coming to the state or joining the ranks of the roofers are properly trained, properly funded, or honest.

Repair or Replace?

Some roofers will simply push for a whole roof replacement even when repairs are the most appropriate solutions. Some struggle to meet all the fiscal requirements of business causing long delays, or worse, go out of business without providing the service their customers had already paid for. And some, unfortunately, have ill motives from the beginning, sometimes even criminal.

When a hurricane comes through and the roofers get busy, there is a lot of competition for the best subcontractors. All the best roofers are busy. Fitting you into their schedule becomes a challenge.

What Sets Protect Preserve Apart

It is the vision of our founder, Edson Brito III that sets us apart. He has personally experienced all of these things that happen after a storm. He saw the need and decided to fill it.

Protect Preserve was created, from the start, with these considerations in mind. There is a specific need for roofers who travel and are prepared to follow disasters, fully prepared for the unique circumstance this situation presents. It’s not just something we prepare for, it’s part of our business model.

We also offer these things that most other roofers do not have:

  • We are the budget-friendly roofer
  • Training for all scenarios
  • We have developed the relationships that make your restoration project go faster and smoother

Edson has been in the construction business for over 15 years and knows the importance of a good roof. He understands from first-hand experience that when disaster strikes, the roof is the first thing that must be fixed. Having seen both great roofers and horrible ones, he knows what it takes to be great and what shortcuts only cause homeowners, and everybody, problems. As the roofing license holder, he knows how to evaluate roofs, roofing materials, and roofing talent. As a business owner in the construction industry for more than a decade, he knows what it takes to run a successful business and satisfy customers.

We are the Budget-Friendly Roofer

We understand that the cost of replacing a roof is higher than the cost of repair. Yet, most roofing companies will emphasize roof replacement over a roof repair. They do this for two reasons: First, it is more profitable for them to replace your whole roof. Second, repair requires much more technical expertise. Many roofers do not want to attempt the more complicated repair projects.

To save you money, we offer roof repair services that can fit your budget. In some situations, repairs can save up to 80% in cost.

Training for All Scenarios

The Protect Preserve family includes experienced roofing professionals. We provide training on new roofing practices, staying abreast of the most current codes, techniques, and materials. We have a special focus on immediate protection of your home with all temporary tarping techniques including:

  • Securing tarps with nails and furring strips
  • Non-penetrating sandbags to secure tarps
  • Shrinkwrapping the roof and other exposed areas

We Have Developed the Relationships that Make Your Restoration Project Go Faster and Smoother

If you have dealt with insurance companies for any length of time, you understand that they can make any claims process complicated and slow. We have spent decades dealing with insurance companies. We understand the lingo, the procedures each of the major insurance carriers follow, and how to move projects forward following a major storm or roof damage.

We know that every jurisdiction has unique requirements and areas of special concern unique to the region. Local inspectors have codes to which they give special attention and they will give extra scrutiny to that part of the job. For that reason, we give extra care to follow every code precisely. We’re prepared for those demanding inspectors.

In short, we know all about the people who can slow down your restoration project and make the process unduly complicated. No project is without its surprises, but we have spent years building strong working relationships with these folks and understanding the hoops we need to jump through to get your restoration project completed. The Protect Preserve family respects your time and property. We work quickly to avoid further damage yet maintain our high standard of workmanship.

Let Us Be Your Roofer – Call 833-PP-ROOFING (833-777-6634) for a Free Quote

As a roofing company with a home base in Florida, we understand the roofing concerns that come with humidity, storms, high winds, and even hurricanes and tornados. We know the damage to expect from these storms and how to minimize their impact on your property, both your roof and what it protects, and most especially – your family. There’s a saying among roofers that if you can build a roof to withstand Florida weather, you can build a roof anywhere.

We know what to look for when inspecting your roof and determining when repairs are sufficient and when the roof needs to be replaced. Taken together, that makes us the best roofers for both after a storm and between them – because there will always be another. To get a free consultation with the best and most comprehensive roofers, please call us today at 833-PP-ROOFING (833-777-6634).