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Important Things to Know About Florida Gutter Installation

In Florida, you’ve got a “weather handicap” when it comes to certain roofing costs, including installing gutters. Florida gutter installation is going to generally require measures designed to withstand gale-force winds, and even higher sustained winds which derive from hurricanes, in addition to bearing the usual water weight required of gutters. Hurricane-force begins at 74 MPH, and ratchets up from there. Florida sees more than its fair share of hurricanes; you should expect at least the threat of one every year. That means it is important to prepare for the worst in all of your roofing and siding projects. With this in mind, we’ll explore a few things you’ll want to think about in regard to gutters:

  • Gutter Material
  • Downspouts, Gutter Guards, and Accessories
  • Weather Fortification

Gutter Material

Costs for gutters can vary widely, and the material costs have a significant impact on the final expenses. According to Home Advisor, costs in 2019 averaged as follows: vinyl gutters are the most affordable, aluminum is with a cost sometimes doubling the cost of vinyl; stainless steel is a high quality, rugged option, doubling the cost again; copper is the premium option, with the greatest range in price, and can yet again double the cost of stainless steel. Prices vary greatly based on your location, and like all building materials, can spike up after a major storm event. It is best to call us for current pricing. Certainly, copper will be one of your strongest, most visually appealing, and most durable choices. Due to its expense, ten times the cost of vinyl, however, it is the least popular option. Vinyl and aluminum are the most common material choices, though they tend to be less durable and have shorter functional life expectancies than stainless steel or copper.

Seamless Gutter Upgrade

There’s also a “seamless gutter” option. This tends to raise the price per linear foot more than a standard gutter. Seamless gutters are one single continuous piece. Installation experts measure your roof, figure out how much seamless gutter they’ll need, then prepare it on-site to perfectly fit your roof. Seamless options are leak-resistant owing to reduced gaps from sections, and no divots. However, the downside is cost, which can be prohibitive for some homeowners.

Downspouts, Gutter Guards, and Accessories

You’re going to need a downspout about every 35 feet or so. It is important that these be properly anchored to withstand a serious Florida storm. Splash blocks and drains to keep water from your foundation and reduce damages are as low as $5 and go up from there.

Gutter guards are strainers on the top of gutters that keep out debris. They usually cost less than $10 per linear foot, though it is best to call us for current pricing. These are highly recommended if there are tall trees near or hanging over the home. Without them, debris can quickly clog up your spouts and cause water to spill over the gutters where you do not want it to go. This can also add weight to the gutters, stressing the gutters and the hardware that anchors them. Gutters can require a great deal of maintenance, depending on the foliage around your house. If you don’t like crawling on the roof and fishing out bits of foliage or other debris out of gutters and downspouts, gutter guards are a wise option. They’re an additional cost on the front end, but it can be well worth it, with savings in seasonal maintenance costs in time and maximizing the life of the gutter system.

 Weather Fortification

Your best bet for durability in harsh Florida weather will be copper gutters. They withstand extreme weather and are able to maintain effectiveness over the long run. Also, as an added benefit, they change color to a bluish-green shade that’s sought by many homeowners. A seamless copper gutter will be your strongest option, generally. Vinyl offers an affordable, low maintenance gutter option. Stainless steel gutters are a mid-range option, providing more strength than vinyl, and lower costs than copper. Even with all that in mind, the durability of your gutter depends at least as much on the hardware and installation procedures as the gutter material. Here at Protect Preserve, we use high-quality hardware, and we have experts specially trained in installing gutters, who know how to build with Florida storms in mind.

Two Keys About Installing Gutters

There are two important takeaways from all this for anyone considering installing gutters. The first is to work through multiple options with your gutter installer. There are affordable options, and a number of great values, but your contractor should be able to give you a variety of choices. Second, you definitely want to get the maximum functional life out of your gutters. The expenses, as you can see, can add up quickly, so getting a contractor that is committed to proper installation is vital. The goal is not merely to meet the manufacturer’s recommended standards, but to find an experienced Florida roofing contractor who will go the extra mile to make sure your gutters can withstand an intense Florida storm.

Making the Right Choices for Your Home

Finding the right roofing contractor and investing in the right products can significantly reduce the cost over time. You won’t have as many on-going maintenance and repair expenses. Florida gutter installation is often a very wise investment to maintain the structural stability and foundation integrity on your property. Gutters are essential if rains cause visible wash-out/erosion around your foundation. Even the most expensive gutter options are cheaper than having to deal with most foundation damage. To keep your home in tip-top shape and to withstand Florida storms, work with professionals like Protect Preserve Roofing.

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