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In Panama City, Spray Foam Insulation Comes with Many Advantages

In hot places like Panama City, spray foam insulation will make a notable difference in air conditioning costs. While it is easier to install during the initial build, it is increasingly popular for older homes that are less energy efficient. This is so significant that many homeowners add it to their homes to increase comfort and lower energy bills, and find it pays for itself over time. So, if you’re already a homeowner, and you want to reduce your utility bill, expand property value, diminish the environmental impact, or just be more comfortable, you might look into spray foam. A good foam insulation solution acts as a “thermal retardant”, and it definitely has an impact on your home. Different insulation types will have different R-values and associated costs. It can be helpful to discuss your options with an experienced professional, and we would be happy to offer a free consultation at 833-PP-ROOFING (833-777-6634​).

A Closer Look at Spray Insulation

In technical terms, spray foam insulation is a thermal retardant in the form of a foam that hardens with exposure to air. It is used in strategic locations within the structure, like the attic.

Experts are quite keen on spray foam, owing to its many associated advantages, such as:

  • Panama City Spray Foam Insulation Has the Greatest R-Value
  • Maintains Insulation Effectiveness Over Time
  • More Swift Installation, Reduced Disruption
  • Energy Expense Reduction
  • Preservation Of HVAC
  • Expanded Property Value
  • Air Flow Optimization
  • Mold and Moisture Reduction
  • Efficient noise reduction Properties

Panama City Spray Foam Insulation Has the Greatest R-Value

The R-value of foam installation is exceptionally high. In technical terms, R-value refers to the level of heat exchange in media that is two-dimensional. Paper has a low R-value, wood is much higher, foam is better than both.  In Panama City, R-value is going to be around R-13 near the floor, and R-30 or more toward the roof. Per square inch, spray foam insulation outpaces other options.

Maintains Insulation Effectiveness Over Time

This application not only has the best R-value, but it also retains its integrity over time. R-Values are maintained provided the foam isn’t moved or altered. Unlike some blown or batt insulation, foam insulation is as effective decades later as it is the day it is installed.

Quicker Installation, Reduced Disruption

Fiberglass batt and rolls can be a complicated install. The same is true with foam or board installation. Labor is accordingly more expensive, and it takes longer. Foam reduces the complication of application, cutting labor, and reducing the hassle of the process.

Energy Expense Reduction

That intense Florida heat is kept out through high R-values. Meanwhile, cool AC is kept inside. Accordingly, electric bills are reduced to such a degree that spray foam installation ultimately pays for itself after a couple of years.

Preservation of HVAC

HVAC systems don’t have to be used as much when you’ve got insulation with high R-value. Once your living space is cool, the temperature remains constant longer, and your HVAC unit gets more downtime. You get more useful years out of HVAC units as a result

Expanded Property Value

All of these benefits add up to increase the resale value of your home. Increased HVAC longevity, lower electric bills, and a more comfortable home all work together to increase the value of your property. In fact, many house hunters check electric costs when comparison shopping, so great insulation can pay direct dividends.

Air Flow Optimization

This insulation is applied directly to the underside of the roof, allowing for open flow-through areas in the attic. This leads to better home ventilation.

Mold and Moisture Reduction

With reduced moisture and better airflow, homeowners often see a reduction in the incidence of mold. Also, you can expect allergens to be less impactful. Since homes in Panama City are known to face moisture/mold threats, this is a big advantage. Mold left unchecked will affect the home in a number of ways; spray foam installation reduces the chances of that happening.

Efficient Noise Reduction Properties

Homes are more peaceful inside, due to the effective noise reduction properties of foam insulation. This is an unsung benefit of the insulation.

How Much It’s Going to Cost, And How to Choose

Costs vary for spray foam insulation. Some foams have greater quality than others, and some homes require more foam. Installation expenses will vary. It’s going to be more cost-effective to install the foam during an initial build. It’s more expensive to install in a home that’s been lived in a while, but it’s still a very good investment. Ease of attic access may effect the challenges and labor demands for installation

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