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Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing in Panama City

Metal roofing in Panama City, FL, has grown in popularity for the countless benefits it provides. Its timeless beauty, durability, and easy maintenance are the reasons for its favorability. Metal roofing is usually fashioned in different patterns and out of materials such as stainless steel, copper, titanium, zinc, and aluminum.

Metal Roof - Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing in Panama CityExplore All Your Roofing Options

It is true, the durability and beauty of metal roofs are matchless, but there are also many other roofing options. Your Panama City roofer should inform you of all these options so you can choose what works best for your home and budget.

Pros of Metal Roofing in Panama City

Metal roofs excel in durability, beauty, easy installation, and in many other ways, as detailed below.


Metallic roofs will serve your home longer than most other roofing material options. The structural configuration of metal roofs is dense and hardy, and they can thus weather all kinds of storms and extreme climates.

Easy Maintenance

As you research, you will find that some shingles have low/cheap upfront costs. However, the rubber meets the road when it comes to maintenance. Metal roofs are a much lower maintenance roofing option and have an incredibly low cost of ownership down the road.

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofing is environmentally sound, especially the roofs that have the Energy Star rating. They have effective insulation, which helps to preserve a comfortable and steady internal temperature in both hot and cold conditions. As a result, your heating and cooling costs will be lower than a roof without these qualities.

Design Flexibility

You can get metal roofs in a wide variety of styles and shades. Metal roofs can be used on garages, homes, and other places where tiles and built-up roof systems wouldn’t be appropriate.

Curb Appeal

Metal roofs often come with an attractive finish that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. They stand out from the crowd with a simple, elegant, and classic look. The resale value of your home will be correspondingly higher.

Fire Resistance

Metal roofs are non-combustible; they have a class A fireproof rating. They are consequently the best option for minimizing the risk of fire damage in your home. This factor can also lower your insurance costs as it is deemed a safer option for your home.

Easy Installation

Compared to shingles and tiles, the installation process for metal roofs is the easiest and takes less time and labor. So, while you may be paying more for material, your labor costs will be lower, as will the headache associated with a belabored roofing process.

Cons of Metal Roofing

Despite the many advantages of metal roofs, they also have their shortcomings, including a high initial price, noise levels, and susceptibility to rust and discoloration.

High Initial Cost

When it comes to costs, you can expect metal roofs to be significantly pricier than shingles. The initial cost for metal roofs is almost double that of shingles. That stems from their beauty, durability, versatility, and material production costs.

However, in the long term, you will find that the costs are low due to durability and easy installation and maintenance. The initial price may be hefty, but it will save you money in the long run if your roof lasts for 70 years compared to the 10-12 years a normal shingle roof lasts. While metal roofs may be twice the initial cost of shingles, they last seven times longer than the average shingles’ lifespan.

Rust and Discoloration

Metal roofs are likely to rust and fade, but that happens after many decades of use. High-quality roofs come with a durable coating or paint job to help subvert this problem. Regular maintenance every ten years or so can help prevent this in the future.

Noisier Than Shingles

In the case of heavy rain or storms, you will have a more noticeable sound of rain throughout your home. Some installation experts have techniques for reducing this kind of sound. However, this is something that you gradually get used to. Some homeowners even say that they love the sound of raindrops on a metal roof.

Should I Consider Other Options?

Metal roofs are a great choice. However, it is worth at least discussing other options with your roofing contractor. In Florida, with our intense sun and sometimes raging storms, we have extra things to consider. It is easy to focus on the very specific up-front costs. If you are planning to stay in your home for some time, durability and energy efficiency should factor into your thinking. If you are planning to sell your home, the impact on resale value should be a consideration, as well. In order to maximize your investment, you should at least be able to discuss the following options with your Florida roofing contractor:

If your roofer cannot provide you with these options, they may not be skilled enough to provide all of these services. Protect Preserve can both discuss and provide the installation of these materials. Explore all your options before making a large investment in your home.

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Metal roofing in Panama City is one of the most feasible roofing options for its many advantages, as outlined above. It assures long durability, ageless beauty, and enhanced energy efficiency. Contact us to learn more about your roofing options and get a free quote (833) 777-6634