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Protect Preserve Was Born Out of the Need to Find Trustworthy, Top Quality Florida Roofers

Protect Preserve Roofing was founded by Edson Brito III. It came about because of a need he experienced in his many years of following storms and working in the aftermath to help people get their homes back in order. With more than a decade and a half experience in the construction industry, all throughout his home state of Florida and from Texas to New Hampshire, experience has been one of his greatest teachers. 

Roof failure is a significant source of damage inside the home or business. As such, the first thing that needs to be resolved, before anything can be done inside the house, is get the roof fixed. If you don’t, any progress you make inside is wasted the next time it rains. And let’s face it, it rains often.  

When a major storm hitsroofers get busy. Too busy to keep up. New roofing companies pop up out of nowhere, not fully prepared for all of the administrative requirements of a business, and often underfunded, leaving them struggling to fulfill commitments. Experienced roofers come from out of the area because they see an opportunity, but they are not accustomed to working in disaster areas, they aren’t prepared for the spartan accommodations, and before long their customers back home start to feel neglected. Those roofers go home, sometimes leaving homeowners with unfulfilled promises. There was a need for roofers ready to work anywhere, any time, after any disaster.

Protect Preserve was born!

What Sets Protect Preserve Roofing Apart from Other Florida Roofing Companies?

Protect Preserve was created, from the start, with these considerations in mind. There is a specific need for roofers who travel and are prepared to follow disasters, fully prepared for the unique circumstance this situation presents 

Protect Preserve has all of the basics that you need out of a roofer: 

  • Fully licensed 
  • Insured 
  • State-certified (new state certifications are always being added) 
  • Skilled 

But what we also bring include: 

  • The ability to deploy immediately to a disaster area and to stay as long as needed 
  • Exhaustive experience working in post-disaster environments 
  • All of the latest techniques in emergency tarping for effective temporary protection until the roof can be repaired 
  • Skills for all roof styles: shingled, metal, tile, and flat roofs (both temporary and permanent fixes) 
  • The ability to find and follow local code requirement 
  • The skills to repair a roof when a repair is all that is needed 
  • The ability to fully re-roof any kind of roof 

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As a Florida roofing company, we understand the roofing concerns specific to this area with humidity, storms, high winds, and even hurricanes. We know the damage to expect from these storms and how to minimize their impact on your property, both your roof and what it protects, and most especially – your family. We know what to look for when inspecting your roof and determining when repairs are sufficient and when the roof needs to be replaced. Taken together, that makes us the best Florida roofers. To get a free consultation with the best, and most comprehensive roofers in Florida, please call us today at 833-PP-ROOFING (833-777-6634).

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