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Protect Preserve Was Born Out of the Need to Find Trustworthy, Top Quality Florida Roofers

Protect Preserve Roofing was founded by Edson Brito III. It came about because of a need he experienced in another company he founded, Construemax Corp., a disaster recovery and property restoration firm. That company is a General Contractor focused on property restoration after disasters. Roof failure is a significant source of damage inside the home or business. As such, the company needed roofing subcontractors frequently. They developed many relationships with great roofers. But when a major storm hits – those roofers get busy. Too busy to put any new roofs on their schedule.

Unwilling to hire inexperienced or unqualified subcontractors the only solution was to create a new Florida roofing company that would be always available and always trusted. A company that understands Florida and the needs of Florida roofs.

Protect Preserve was born!

What Sets Protect Preserve Roofing Apart from Other Florida Roofing Companies?

Protect Preserve has all of the basics that you need out of a Florida roofer:

  • Fully licensed
  • Insured
  • State-certified
  • Reputable

We also offer these things that most other Florida roofers do not have:

  • We are the budget-friendly Florida roofer
  • Why we have the best crew of roofers in Florida: Training
  • We are the only Florida roofing company that can provide truly comprehensive solutions for your damage
  • We have developed the relationships that make your restoration project go faster and smoother

We are the Budget-Friendly Florida Roofer

We understand that the cost of replacing a roof is higher than the cost of repair. Yet, most Florida roofing companies will emphasize roof replacement over roof repair. They do this for two reasons: First, it is more profitable for them to replace your whole roof. Second, repair requires much more technical expertise. Many Florida roofers do not want to attempt the more complicated repair projects.

To save you money, we offer roof repair services that can fit your budget. In some situations, repairs can save up to 80% in cost. We are honored to serve as one of Florida’s best roofing companies, and continue to do so with transparency and reasonable pricing.

Why We Have the Best Crew of Roofers in Florida: Training

The Protect Preserve family includes experienced roofing professionals and we provide training on new roofing practices, staying abreast of the most current codes, techniques, and materials. Additionally, we emphasize safety daily in regular safety briefings intended to protect not only the roofers, but the homeowner’s property and anyone at the home where the work is being performed. Our team leaders undergo rigorous training that enables them to solve problems and hold our crews to the most rigorous of standards. As a result, there is nothing we can’t do, including any of the following:

We pride ourselves on being the best roofers in Florida, and train all members of our crew to strive for excellence. We have such confidence in our workmanship that we guarantee it. We use high-quality materials whether we fix or replace your roof. You can rest assured that you are dealing with one of the most trusted, and highest quality Florida roofing companies.

We Are the Only Florida Roofing Company That Can Provide Truly Comprehensive Solutions for Your Damage

When you have roof damage, or a leak in your roof you need it fixed. But with water penetration, there are likely a host of other issues, as well. Many parts of the attic and living quarters may need to be dried out. If you have radiant barrier, it probably needs to be replaced. Insulation often needs to be disposed of and replaced. There is likely ceiling damage in living quarters, and possibly even damage to floors and walls. The contents of your home may have sustained water damage, as well. One of the most important, and often over-looked parts of the restoration process is mold remediation. Because we partner with Construemax, we can help you address each facet of the restoration process – from helping to preserve the family heirlooms or furniture you thought were doomed, to making sure the air quality is great and “mold-free.” Few, if any Florida roofers can provide you with all of the elements you need to get your home back to normal after extreme water penetration. Protect Preserve Roofing can. By coordinating with a single provider, you can typically save both time and money to get your house back to being your dry and cozy home again. We, either directly or through our partner Construemax, provide all of the following Florida roof services:

We Have Developed the Relationships that Make Your Restoration Project Go Faster and Smoother

If you have dealt with insurance companies for any length of time, you understand that they can make any claims process complicated and slow. We have spent decades dealing with insurance companies. We understand the lingo, the procedures each of the major insurance carriers follow, and how to move projects forward following a major storm or roof damage. We only operate in our home state, so we fully understand the rules and regulations that come with being a Florida roofer. We also are familiar with the unique requirements and areas of concentration for local inspectors. In short, we know all about  the people who can slow down your restoration project, and make the process unduly complicated. No project is without its surprises, but we have spent years building strong working relationships with these folks and understanding the hoops we need to jump through to get your restoration project completed. The Protect Preserve family respects your time and property. We work quickly to avoid further damage yet maintain our high standard of workmanship. There are advantages to working with a contractor that is large enough to carry weight with the insurance companies, but focused solely on local projects. As the leading Florida roofing contractor, we have teams across the state, including our Orlando roofing contractor team, Tampa roofing contractor team, Jacksonville roofing contractor team, and Panama City roofing contractor team.

Let Us Be Your Florida Roofer - Call 833-PP-ROOFING (833-777-6634) for a Free Quote

As a Florida roofing company, we understand the roofing concerns specific to this area with humidity, storms, high winds, and even hurricanes. We know the damage to expect from these storms and how to minimize their impact on your property, both your roof and what it protects, and most especially – your family. We know what to look for when inspecting your roof and determining when repairs are sufficient and when the roof needs to be replaced. Taken together, that makes us the best Florida roofers. To get a free consultation with the best, and most comprehensive roofers in Florida, please call us today at 833-PP-ROOFING (833-777-6634).

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